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Dr. Jake Irwin, DPT, MTC owns Pro Performance Therapy with offices in Cumming and Norcross, Georgia. He has over 15 years of clinical experience in many different physical therapy venues, including in- and out-patient practices, cardio-pulmonary, and sports therapy. His passion and research interests are in the study of biomechanics and prevention of injuries in sports through exercise-based approach to therapy. Dr. Irwin lectures across the country, providing continuing education to other healthcare professionals.

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Dr. Irwin prides himself on being a leader in the physical therapy profession. As the Chair of the Legislative Committee he is a member of the Board of Directors for the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG). He is long standing active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), with additional memberships in the Private Practice Section, Sports Therapy Section, Orthopedic Section, and the Education Section.

Dr. Irwin believes that education is integral to the patient’s therapy regimen. It is vital that the patient understands his/her injury and how to prevent the same injury from recurring in the future. Along those same lines, Dr. Irwin is a Clinical Instructor for some of the most prestigious physical therapy doctorate programs in the country including, the University of Southern California, Duke University, Columbia University, Emory University, North Georgia College and State University, and Georgia State University. Hosting doctorate students from across the country to fulfill the clinical aspects of their education provides Pro Performance Therapy a setting of teaching and learning for patients and therapists alike.

Pro Performance Therapy offers sports specific physical therapy that will improve your performance. Pro Performance Therapy will get you back to your sport if you're injured, and help you improve if you're seeking to enhance performance, or prevent injury.

Our strength and conditioning programs provide our patients with core strengthening program for stability and improved sports performance. We have extensive experience in working with upper extremity conditioning programs for throwers, such as, but not limited to pitchers, volleyball, swimming, and softball.

We work with individuals or groups to develop sport-specific programs for Post-rehabilitation patients, Weekend warriors, High school, and collegiate, amateur, and professional athletes.

Think of Pro Performance Therapy to help with injury prevention, managing overuse conditions, returning to training/sport following injury or surgery, advancing to higher-level training, or getting back to a sport or work-out routine after a lapse in time.

Coach communication is an integral component of our approach. We will work collaboratively with your doctors, trainers, and coaches to communicate effectively and coordinate the best program for your body’s needs.

Pro Performance Therapy works in partnership with Barrett Baseball to provide the best therapy to athletes from little league through college and onto MLB baseball.

Repetitive throwing will impact your body and your game. Pro Performance Therapy will help you perform better by comprehensively addressing joint pain and muscle weaknesses.

  • video analysis of throwing mechanics
  • hands-on coaching for arm path optimization
  • understanding of lower body strength and stability on throwing style
  • techniques to improve speed and accuracy
  • strategies to manage repetitive motion stresses
  • batting consultations


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